Band Biography

Updated 05/2024

The Setbacks are a band built on the time-honoured trifecta of mother bitchin' rawk'n'roll: dueling guitars, screaming vocals and a pounding rhythm section. The band's proven ability to lead crowds into frenzied fits of thunderous hand clapping has gained them accolades far and wide for their blistering live performances. This rock machine has hit the ground running, stuck it into overdrive and kept the tank topped up with a steady supply of Labatt 50, blown fuses and the primal desire to deliver only the purest unfiltered rock to the masses.

Taking cues from such acts as the legendary MC5, Black Sabbath and The Ramones, all the way through to contemporaries like Tricky Woo, Rocket From The Crypt and C'mon, these wily veterans have been worshipping at the altar of hard rock for almost ten years together. Forming as the Setbacks in late 2002, the band came together with a storied career's worth of shows and stories under their belts amassed while playing in various notable groups in the late twentieth century. Much like the four cylinders of a finely tuned engine, The Setbacks groove and shake with rock'n'soul that reaffirms faith in the masses that the institution of balls-to-the-wall-no-apologies rock'n'roll is alive and kicking in the great white north. This energy is magnificently captured to tape on the band's third release and second full-length, "Bless My Soul", recorded at Yogi's Meatlocker in Ottawa under the tutelage of Paul "Yogi" Granger (The Double Pumpers, Ukrainia, The Bella Bombs). The new record is the culmination of two years worth of playing and sharing stages with the likes of Kill Cheerleader, C'mon, Million Dollar Marxists, Goat Horn, The Tangiers and The Candidates. With the release of "Bless My Soul", the band is prepped to hit the road again and spread the gospel of guitars and amplification at its maximum.

Surely the Setbacks don’t claim to have invented rock and roll; they're merely shaping it for their own selfish purposes. Blistering two-guitar attacks and the unholy pursuit of all that is rock is what will keep this band going and scorching live shows is what will keep the crowds coming back. So forget about that pregnancy test, reality TV shows and the new John Mayer album, remember instead these three simple syllables: the-Set-backs.