Bless My Soul LP

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  1. Bless My Soul
  2. Music is the Medicine
  3. Kentucky Shake
  4. Hypnotized
  5. Bleedin' Heart
  6. Youngblood
  7. Stone Cold Love
  8. Midnight Hour
  9. Salivation Army
  10. Frustration Station

Release date January 2007
Recorded and mixed by Paul Granger at Yogi's Meatlocker 03-09/2006
Mastered by James Law at Attic Studios

New Material - July 2006

Here's one of the tracks we recorded earlier this year for a fall album release. While you're waiting for that to drop, listen to this!

  1. Music is the Medicine (unmastered)

Recorded Spring 2006 at the Bomb Shelter

One Track Mind EP

  1. One Track Mind
  2. Get 'Er Up
  3. Paradise
  4. Born on the River
  5. The Sleuth
  6. Little Girl

Release date October 2004
Recorded by Jarrett Bartlett at Little
Bullhorn Productions 05/2004
Mixed and mastered by Dave Draves at LBP

Live Setbacks!

  1. The Sleuth
  2. Paradise

Recorded May 17, 2003 at Babylon Night Club


  1. Message
  2. Perfect Silence
  3. Heartbroken Barber
  4. If You Only Asked
  5. Eddie
  6. Up to Low
  7. Outlast
  8. Let's Get Faded
  9. Not Mine to Lose
  10. Runaway
  11. Stood Up
  12. The Get Up Song

Released November 2002
Recorded by Arturo Brisindi at Red
Room studios 11/2001-07/2002
Mixed and mastered by Jarrett Bartlett
and Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn Productions