Future of the Setbacks

September 12th, 2007

As mentioned on MTV, CNN, NBC and TVO... I, Steve Palmer, the lead singer of the Setbacks am moving to Vancouver for the next two years. What does this mean for your absolute favourite band in the universe? I don't know, but I'll ask the newly reformed Backstreet Boys how they'll manage.

But back to the Setbacks - purveyors of old timey punk-a-rawk-n-roll and most likely your 2nd favourite band in the universe - well, we're going to enter a bit of a hiatus while I'm on the left coast. Since we've been playing only every 3 months or so for the last year, hell, some of you less observant fans might not even notice we're gone.

While I'm in Vancouver I've set a goal for myself to write a song a day. By the time I'm back I'll have 730+ songs. That's a lot of material. Shouldn't be too hard to whittle that down to 60 tracks for a triple LP release in fall 2009.

Seriously though - while I'm out west I'll be back in Ottawa a few times a year and if we can schedule it we'll try to book a show while I'm in town. Despite what Trevor says on stage, the band is not dead and we are not calling it quits. We're just hibernating for a bit.



    Contact the band at band[at]thesetbacks.com