Respect the Rawk

November 24th, 2002

Wow...what an amazing show last night. We were number 2 (no bathroom jokes please) in a four band line-up and by the time we hit the stage at 11pm the place was starting to really fill up. We whipped through our 10 song set and the audience seemed to be totally digging us...even though none of us climbed our amps...go figure.

Chet had some substantial G-forces being generated as he bobbed around the stage swinging the bass while he played the Get Up Song. Chris was solid as usual on the traps while testing the limits of Trevor's ability to play a walking bassline at 180 beats per minute during One More Day. I can only assume that Trevor and I were wailing guitar heroes but there wasn't any guitar in the monitors on stage so I can't say for sure. A *big* thank-you to Natalie for organizing the show and feeding us a delicious pre-show meal and to all of our friends who came out to support us.



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