New Goodies from The Setbacks + SHOW TONIGHT

May 13th, 2005

Check out this skateboard deck painted in honour of the setbacks by MI Skateboards. Click on 'specialty decks' to see a deck inspired by the artwork (and maybe music) of our EP 'One Track Mind'. Really cool.

Also, don't forget about tonight's show at Zaphod's. It's Friday the 13th, so we'll be setting up on stage with all sorts of black cats, ladders to walk under, and precariously balanced mirrors.

Available for the first time tonight will be Setbacks t-shrits! Now you can show off to all your friends that you are wicked cool by sporting one of these juicy items, while at the same time helping to promote our band!

See you tonight!


New Shows Added

May 2nd, 2005

The Setbacks are ready to hit the stage again after a couple of months of writing new songs (all), vacationing in England (Steve), writing and maintaining a blog (chris), licking and stuffing envelopes (chet), and watching baby teeth grow (trevor).

Friday May 13th
the creeps cd release party
with Sexhead (mtl) and The Setbacks
Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa
note: we'll be on EARLY to the max. Some guesses put us at 8:30.

Sunday June 26th
7:30 Phil Lafreniere
8:00 The Hussies
8:45 Nicolas Johansen
9:30 Trevor Alguire & The Mercury Pickup Band

Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa
note: this is a showcase to find talent that could play at the Ottawa Bluesfest this summer. It is important that lots of people come on out and show support for your beloved setbacks (and take in a pretty sweet show at the same time).

New Photos!

March 2nd, 2005

We've just added a few new photos to the site, courtesy of the talented Sean Sisk.

The Setbacks Rank on CKCU Top 50 Albums for 2004

January 25th, 2005

Our EP 'One Track Mind' has clocked in at #19 on the hottest albums list for the mighty 93.1 CKCU airwaves during 2004. We must thank all the dj's for playing our tunes and continuing to promote local music (Ottawa bands comprise a large chunk of the list).

To see the list click here.

Ramping Up for the Show

January 20th, 2005

As the next Setbacks show approaches (January 27th at Barrymores with Harshey and Blackball), I feel I should tell you we will hopefully be debuting some new material that we have been writing. We're stepping up the rock a few steps in an effort to destroy Barrymores completely. You'd be wise to show up. Not to be missed.

A Very Special Christmas Greeting From The Setbacks...

December 15th, 2004

Happy Holidays to the fans. Everyone here at The Setbacks camp is getting ready to spend the holidays with those who we love. It is a special time, and it is a good time. We are all looking forward to Steve's mistletoe belt, Paul's eggnog hat, Trevor's poinsetta underwear briefs, and Chris' traditional Christmas hairpience. This is the time of the year when we thank each other for being each other, and we give thanks to our appropriate Gods for allowing us to rock and to roll like no one has ever seen. In lieu of the holiday season, The Setbacks have included a holiday message to all of those out there....a holiday message about Staying In School.

"Know what the strongest part of your body is? Your brain. Give it a workout. Stay in school."

The Setbacks Prepare to Ring in the New Year in Style

November 22nd, 2004

We're preparing for Y2K+5 by playing a set at the legendary Zaphod Beeblebrox on New Year's Eve. More details to come on the lineup and set times. We'll also let you know what emergency provisions no one should be without when the Y2K+5 bug does it's damage.

Carleton University: DESTROYED and....they raised $103,000.00 and change.

November 8th, 2004

The Setbacks caused some major shit last Thursday night, at Carleton Univeristy. Our airwave assault apparently delivered audio punches in the face to everyone listening, and caused acid reflux in all people over 60 years of age checking the station's frequency out. We were hoping that Doc and Woody from Chez 106 would be listening, but unfortunately, they were not. Knowing that our audio assault using public airwaves would have rendered them permanently incapable of doing their show would have greatly pleased us, but they were busy sleeping in their little beds like girly men. Nonetheless, CKCU raised well over what they needed, which is a great and a good thing, and we inked in some pledges during the course of our show. Thanks!


November 4th, 2004

For one night only, and against the normal working patterns of The Setbacks, the band will descend on Carleton University for an all out war on the airwaves. Carleton approached us about helping with the funding drive, and consideirng the big time flack we got for not intervening during the U.S. election and swinging it in Nader's favor, we decided to help out with the funding drive. If you see Ghostbusters type thunder and lightning tonight, directly over Carleton Univeristy, you know it's because of us. We'll be playing a short set, and answering your questions and be funny with the human radio host. We expect some calls, and in return we will do whatever you want except make out with each other on the air. You can't see that anyways.

You got bling?
Support CKCU-FM
Be sure to
Dial and Donate

I just realized that we are supposed to be helping Carleton, but instead, we'll be turning it into a smoking heap of a crater tonight. Only time will tell.

The Setbacks' November Appearances

October 25th, 2004

After a successful and busy Rocktober, The Setbacks dig into Rockvember (ok, that one doesn't work). You can tune in to CKCU 93.1 FM in ottawa, late Thursday night on November 4th at Midnight for a live performance and call in question/answer session. For those out of towners, you can listen live on the computers using the internet by going to at the appropriate time.

The following night, we will be doing our part to support CKCU for their funding drive by playing at Babylon as part of the Funding Drive conclusion show. Also on this rocktacular bill are The Double Pumpers, South of 78, and The Banditas. This will be an incredible night. Be there.


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