Born on the River (live)

June 15th, 2006


Big Chris and the Twins

April 6th, 2006

On the morning of Tuesday, April 4th, earth was blessed with the addition of two baby Saracinos. Chris' new twins, Eva and Leo, were born happy and healthy and Mom and Dad are doing just fine. Aces!

That means our plan to have the bed tracks done in the studio before the kids arrived kind of blew up in our faces so we'll take a bit of a break and head back to Yogi's Bomb Shelter for weekend #2 when Chris' life regains some shred of normalness. Everything we did in the first weekend sounds killer so we're keen to get back in there and finish it up. Looks like it's gonna be a full length too... hey, with this break now we might even toss a couple more tracks in there and make it a double gatefold!

The Setbacks Book the Studio

February 15th, 2006

The Setbacks have booked four days in March/April at Yogi's studio in Ottawa to record tracks for an upcoming release. The plan is to record 8 to 10 songs and decide what to do with them then. We are expecting to release them as an album sometime in the summer.

You can bet it will be filled to the brim with those potent rock and roll numbers you've come to expect. The songs are getting harder, but the basic idea remains the same: edgy vocals with a twin guitar attack, over top of a back end so solid it'll bring tears to your eyes. Throw in some gang style, shout along backup vocals and you've got the Setbacks formula. Of course, these are just our opinions and we are a bit biased.

Some of the songs have been played live already, and expect to hear the rest at upcoming shows. If not, your patience will be rewarded with the summer release.

Happy New Year

January 10th, 2006

Season's greetings and all that stuff from your friendly neighbourhood Setbacks. The winter solstice is always a special and creative time for the band, so we've been taking it easy for the last few months - shows have been few and far between but we've been keeping busy writing, writing and writing.

Our first show of 2006 will be at Greenfield's Pub (in Barrhaven) on Saturday, February 4th. We'll be debuting no less than 3 new songs and we plan to hit the studio in the next couple months to record what could be a spring/summer EP (or maybe an LP if the creative juices keep flowing). Bye for now!

This Just In: 1/4 of The Setbacks Deemed "Too Corporate"

November 4th, 2005

Name things that go great together: Chicken n' Ribs, Rock n' Roll, and Charity n' Mustache Growing. Since The Setbacks love great combos they have joined the local chapter of Mustaches for Kids. This organization enlists members to collect pledges to sponsor your mustache growth. That is awesome to begin with but the even better part is that the proceeds are all going towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Only "corner-to-corner" 'staches are allowed. You might bust out a "massari" pencil line for your buisiness suit world but that isn't going to cut it for this group. Pushbrooms only. It is for the kids, man. The kids. Go check out the website and join up or just watch our progress.

NON-MUSIC NEWS: Steve Palmer Got Married

September 16th, 2005

That's right Setbacks fans. Steve Palmer, the enigmatic lead singer of our band, got hitched to his long time love last weekend. He serenaded his love with an emotional rendition of "I Can Hear It In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. I have to tell you, we were all in tears.


The Setbacks to Play with C'Mon!

September 7th, 2005

We're officially on the bill with one of our Canuck indie rawk heroes - Ian Blurton - and his band C'Mon! The Setbacks will join them on stage at Maverick's (221 Rideau Street) in Ottawa on Friday, September 16th.

Non Music News: Chris Gets Married!

August 30th, 2005

In the second of a flurry of Setbacks nuptials, our drummer Chris was married last Saturday during a small ceremony in his parents' backyard. True to Italian form, there was a fountain (but not of a young boy's penis) running all night in the pool. All jokes about Chris' heritage aside, please join us in wishing Chris and Olivia all the best!

In other news, reports from Mexico where the newlyweds are honeymooning have told of Chris prancing around with nothing but a banana hammock. Residents are warned to avert their eyes by looking directly into the sun.


Non Music News: Chet Gets Married!

July 16th, 2005

Today is the day the Paul "Chet" Townsend gets married. He is taking the plunge this afternoon, forever uniting himself with his girlfriend Ingrid. The rest of us Setbacks are in his wedding party, and as such will be wearing tuxedos outdoors on a very hot day. It is expected that Chris will sweat a lot.

Make sure to send a congratulatory email to and he will read them all when he gets back from his NASCAR honeymoon (yes, you read that right).


Ottawa Xpress Loves the Setbacks

June 23rd, 2005

We got a cool mention in today's Ottawa Xpress. In Sylvie Hill's Shotgun column, there's a bit of an interview with Steve and the two guys from Mi Skateboards who recently branded a deck with artwork from our One Track Mind EP. You can read the full article here.


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