The Summer of The Setbacks

May 16th, 2007

Since the release of the Bless My Soul, The Setbacks have been keeping pretty quiet – flying in the face of conventional wisdom that dictates striking while the iron is hot. Well, ideally the iron hasn’t completely cooled off, because The Setbacks are about to strike. And strike hard.

Get the summer started of right, with an incredible quadruple bill on June 16th at Café Dekcuf in Ottawa. The Setbacks will share the stage with The Bella Bombs, The G-Men (Toronto), and Mannon & The Guestlist (Mtl). The combined rock mass of this show will cause this second floor venue to collapse. Safest place to be is in the club.

Later on, in the throes of summer, come and cool off with The Setbacks at Irene’s on July 28th. We’ll be hitting the bricks with Toronto scum rock gods Maximum RnR, fresh off their European tour. The rock will be so ice cold you’ll want to wear a parka despite the potential for fifty degree celsius weather.

Look for more announcements in the coming week as we kick off the Summer of the Setbacks.


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