The Setbacks - Live on CKCU April 19

April 13th, 2007

The Setbacks will be sending their firebrand style of RnR over the Frequency Modulation airwaves via a live music show on Ottawa radio Station CKCU - The Mighty 93.1.

So tune in Thursday night @ Midnight (April 19/20) as the fellas do their dangedest to fill 2 hours of air time with music. Look for a whole slew of songs from their latest cd to the self titled debut and everything in between (which is the One Track Mind EP).

So to sum it up: The Setbacks LIVE on CKCU fm in Ottawa 93.1 Thursday night at midnight. In cyberspace you can tune in by going to THE CKCU WEBSITE and following the links. It's bound to be a couple of hours filled with seething rock, witty banter, and Q&A via the call-in segment.

Tune in... if you dare!


    Contact the band at band[at]