The Setbacks Book the Studio

February 15th, 2006

The Setbacks have booked four days in March/April at Yogi's studio in Ottawa to record tracks for an upcoming release. The plan is to record 8 to 10 songs and decide what to do with them then. We are expecting to release them as an album sometime in the summer.

You can bet it will be filled to the brim with those potent rock and roll numbers you've come to expect. The songs are getting harder, but the basic idea remains the same: edgy vocals with a twin guitar attack, over top of a back end so solid it'll bring tears to your eyes. Throw in some gang style, shout along backup vocals and you've got the Setbacks formula. Of course, these are just our opinions and we are a bit biased.

Some of the songs have been played live already, and expect to hear the rest at upcoming shows. If not, your patience will be rewarded with the summer release.


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