This Just In: 1/4 of The Setbacks Deemed "Too Corporate"

November 4th, 2005

Name things that go great together: Chicken n' Ribs, Rock n' Roll, and Charity n' Mustache Growing. Since The Setbacks love great combos they have joined the local chapter of Mustaches for Kids. This organization enlists members to collect pledges to sponsor your mustache growth. That is awesome to begin with but the even better part is that the proceeds are all going towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Only "corner-to-corner" 'staches are allowed. You might bust out a "massari" pencil line for your buisiness suit world but that isn't going to cut it for this group. Pushbrooms only. It is for the kids, man. The kids. Go check out the website and join up or just watch our progress.


Contact the band at band[at]