Lame New Website Features

December 3rd, 2002

We've added a new section to the website here entitled W.W.S.D. (What Would the Setbacks Do?). This is our advice column. You can submit a problem you are having or a question, it can be anything, and we'll post our answers.

What Would the Setbacks Do? is an initiative of the always willing to try anything Steve. He's sure people will want to have us chime in on the issues weighing heavy on Setbacks fans everywhere.

We've also added the Dear Diary section. Here we can sound off about anything. The idea is that we'll post whatever we want about anything (music or non music related) so you should keep checking back.

Will the gambles pay off? Only time will tell.

In other news, we are booking shows for the new year and hope to make 2003 the year of The Setbacks. Check back later in the week for the first announcement.

a.k.a. "trying to make a cool name like c.diddy"


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