Carleton University: DESTROYED and....they raised $103,000.00 and change.

November 8th, 2004

The Setbacks caused some major shit last Thursday night, at Carleton Univeristy. Our airwave assault apparently delivered audio punches in the face to everyone listening, and caused acid reflux in all people over 60 years of age checking the station's frequency out. We were hoping that Doc and Woody from Chez 106 would be listening, but unfortunately, they were not. Knowing that our audio assault using public airwaves would have rendered them permanently incapable of doing their show would have greatly pleased us, but they were busy sleeping in their little beds like girly men. Nonetheless, CKCU raised well over what they needed, which is a great and a good thing, and we inked in some pledges during the course of our show. Thanks!


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