Setbacks Studio Time

April 30th, 2004

As previously reported, we are heading into Little Bullhorn Studio today to work on some songs that we hope to release as an EP in the near future. We'll be working with Jarett Bartlett (Rolling Stones, Who, Mooney Suzuki, Tommy Hunter) at creating rock history.

The songs include some we've been playing live. Here's a list of the ones we hope to record:

-The Sleuth
-Paradise (Pair of Dice?)
-Born on the River
-Shirley MacLaine/Facekicker (temporary titles)
-Roll the Bones (temporary title)
-Shake Her Off (temporary title)

Check back on the website (likely in the Dear Diary section) as we update our progress throughout the weekend.

*note: the names in brackets beside Jarett's name are just some he likes, not necessarily bands he's worked with.
*also note: the news item below about East Coast music does not necessarily reflect the opinions of all band members.


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