RFQ - CD Manufacturing

September 18th, 2006

The band known as the Setbacks, rock and roll sooperstars extraordinaire, are soliciting quotes for CD manufacturing of their latest platter (tentatively titled "Bless My Soul"). The scope of work will include disc replication, packaging and assembly of five hundred (500) albums. Bidders must meet the following mandatory criteria:

- An ability to manufacture 500 CDs
- An ability to deliver said CDs

Qualifying firms will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

- Overall cost (50%)
- Customer service (25%)
- Proximity to my house (15%)
- Number of employees named Chris (up to a maximum of 10)

The Setbacks are an equal opportunity organization. However, preferential treatment will be given to bidders that employ visible minorities.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, September 29th at 11am EST. Contact the Setbacks at band@thesetbacks.com.


    Contact the band at band[at]thesetbacks.com